Fredrix® was founded in 1868 by E. H. Friedrichs. Although, he spent much of his time on trains and coaches drumming up business, he was much more than a salesman. He was a businessman, a chemist, an inventor, an innovator and he was the first in America to manufacture artist canvas for the trade.

Although the art of manufacturing artist canvas has changed since the 1800s, the product we make today is very similar to the canvas we made over 140 years ago. The name was changed (Friedrichs to Fredrix®), but our mission has not. Our best selling canvases are universally primed for oil, acrylic or alkyd paints, and we still prime our finest canvas the old fashioned way… picked, pumiced and primed by hand with oil based ground.

Whether your choice is a machine primed canvas with universal acrylic gesso or hand primed canvas with natural glue sizing and oil based ground, you can trust Fredrix® to provide you with your best overall painting experience!