Fredrix Launches BACE – Big Ass Canvas Easel

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Our latest innovation is our Fredrix BACE* easel (*Big Ass Canvas Easel).  We know displaying a large canvas is a challenge, let alone several, so we introduce the Fredrix BACE.  You can now display a room full of large canvases, at a fraction of the cost of traditional easels (BACE MSRP $39.99 price, $30 average out the door)  or the hassle of hanging.  Simple to set up, with or without screwing the frame to the BACE, you can quickly pup-up a gallery without breaking the bank.

Since we are in the middle of our launch, your favorite art store may not have the BACE yet (it would be great if you called and ask them ;), but here are the early adopters:

Texas Art 


Rex Art 

Each BACE package includes two adjustable and collapsible stands with mounting screws.  One stand is placed at each end of the canvas as shown below.