Fredrix Artist Canvas

Fredrix Cares

We Care – From Artists To The Environment To Our Staff

We Care About Artists

Fredrix donates to artists, artists organizations, charities and schools around the U.S. to support programs from early art education to at-risk youth to elderly painting programs. In 2018, Fredrix provided over $100,000 MSRP of canvas and art related materials. Young or old, we are passionate about artists and their creations!

We Care About The Environment

First, we begin with textiles that are un-bleached, which is better for the environment from the start.  We then process all of our canvas and apply our paintable or printable coatings in our factory in North Atlanta (Lawrenceville), Georgia.  Because we control the manufacturing process, we hold ourselves to the highest standards using premium grade, non-toxic and non-acidic materials.

These high-quality materials ensure that our canvases are archival and will last for generations.  We even specially process our waste coatings to remove a significant amount of solid particles and verify that it is PH neutral. 

We source our stretcher bar wood from managed sustainable forests in the North Western U.S. as well we collect and recycle all cardboard and paper materials in our facilities.

Furthermore, when it comes to usable seconds or defective materials, we donate to local schools and charities rather than disposing them into a landfill.

We Care About People

Fredrix has been proudly produced by Tara Materials since 1971, and we are passionate about our staff. With many employees achieving 15, 20, 25 and even 35+ year anniversaries, we recognize the knowledge, integrity and overall value these years of experience bring.

From our top leadership to packing and shipping, we make customer satisfaction our first priority. We believe that the combination of our team members and our commitment to quality products is why we maintain category leadership for almost 50 years, and over 150 years as part of the Fredrix brand heritage.

Thank you for allowing Fredrix to be part of your artistic expression, and to support your creations on our archival surfaces for future generations to enjoy!