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Raising the Value of Your Art

Art is Expression. Art is Beautiful. Art is Inspiring. At the end of the day, however, Art is also Big Business. This means, if you want to make it in the multibillion-dollar world of art, you’ll need more than talent to command top dollar for your pieces. Fortunately, you don’t have to be famous or from a different time to capitalize on your creative work.


From mastering the art of exposure to stepping outside of your comfort zone, there are a number of ways to amp up the business side of your artistic endeavors without straying from what you were born to do—create beautiful art! Here you go. . .


Get Good Exposure.


We’re assuming that you already create artwork on a regular basis. The next step is getting your work in front of the art buying public. Besides tapping into every social media platform you can think of to promote your artwork, do whatever it takes to display your art at physical locations that complement your art and where art buyers are likely to gather. In addition, set your sights on places that attract buyers that have the means to pay your asking prices. Consider:


  • -Juried, Non-Juried Shows
  • -Local, Regional Art Fairs
  • -Local Small Businesses, Organizations
  • -Open Studio


You can also try other less competitive public spaces such as coffee shops, boutiques, showrooms, resorts, hotels and B&B’s, and salons. Exposure increases name recognition, which ultimately raises the value of your art.


Choose High Quality Canvas and Frames.


If you’re thinking that all of the value of your art is in the image alone, think again. Your artwork is a complete package and every feature should be beautiful—right down to the canvas. According to many successful galleries and studios, using high quality canvas or adding an expensive frame can enhance the value of a piece by as much as 50 percent. Even better? A piece that’s ready to go straight from the studio or retailer to its new home is much easier to sell—and at a higher price!


Be Open. Be Flexible.


By all means, continue to create amazing art that you feel passionate about, but at the same time, don’t shun other areas of the art business based on your own or others’ unfounded perceptions. When you do this, not only will you miss out on the opportunity to learn, you will likely miss some incredible opportunities to sell your art.


A good example is the print industry. Some artists abhor it, while others earn an excellent living by embracing it. So here’s the idea: why not repurpose your artwork again and again? Print your artwork for reproduction and you will certainly attract larger portions of the population. Your printed piece can be used to accent decorative items, mugs, furniture, clothing, and more. It’s up to you. Remember, your art and how you choose to sell it is neither right nor wrong. Make this your mantra and watch the value of your artwork rise!


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