Fredrix Artist Canvas

Painting with Metallics Using Sharpie, Krink, Molotow and More!

Paint markers can be used to create images and designs on everything from paper, panels, foil, fabrics and glass to plastic, pottery, rubber, wood, and even stone. Add metallic and you can create brilliant designs destined to be showstoppers—no matter where you might find them. In fact, metallic paint markers are popular with graffiti artists around the world as well as artists that create wearable art (on clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories), and much more.

Metallic is a top choice for many non-traditional artists because:

•It is visually stunning
•It sparkles
•It reflects light beautifully
•Can be used on both light and dark surfaces


Montana, Molotow, Sharpie, and Krink are brands that offer a wide variety of metallic paint markers and pens ranging from fine to wide, oil or water-based. The type you choose will depend on your project. For example, oil-based paint markers can be used on just about any surface, so if you paint an acrylic painting, let it dry, then draw a design over it with a metallic paint pen to make it pop. Water-based paint markers are great for paper, posters, signs, drawings, canvas and more.


Permanent, quick-drying, and nontoxic, these artist tools are also an excellent option for artists that routinely work with panels as an alternative to traditional canvas. Panels are excellent for artist on the go because they are lightweight, portable, inexpensive and durable.


Fredrix’s cut edge panels offer the perfect surface for water- or oil-based metallic paint pens. Whether you’re working in a classroom, the studio or at home. Available in square, round or rectangular. Browse Fredrix’s cut edge panels to get started on your art project today!