Fredrix Artist Canvas

New Stretch-It-Yourself Canvas Kit Enhances Portability, Minimizes Costs

These days, the creation of art doesn’t have to be confined to a studio. In fact, street art sculptures and massive mural installations are at an all-time high in cities across the globe. From London’s Shoreditch neighborhood to Brooklyn, New York, this trend is even more prevalent in some of the world’s hippest urban areas. Another trend that goes hand and hand with street art these days is the “live show.” Many artists invite the public to look on as they create magnificent works of art right before their eyes. One such artist is Drew Brophy.

The San Clemente-based surf artist for more than 25 years travels to various events around the world to paint live. This means he has to transport multiple canvases and stretch them in record time. Unfortunately, handling canvas without a surefire system can be incredibly time consuming and costly—two things Brophy doesn’t have time to worry about during a timed show. Brophy mentions the time he had to stretch 15 canvases at a single event. This is where the New Fredrix Pro Dixie Stretch-It-Yourself Canvas Kit can make all the difference.

The Fredrix Pro Dixie Kit is a revolutionary way of stretching large canvases. It is available it 11 different sizes starting at 36”x 48”and features Fredrix’s heavyweight Pro Dixie acrylic primed canvas. Included in the Kit is Fredrix’s Patent Pending “Clever Lever” which actually eliminates the need for pliers. The specially grooved stretcher bars and corner braces allow the canvas to easily square, which results in a tightly stretched canvas every single time.

For Brophy and many other artists on the move, the Pro Dixie Kit can be transformative. “I am on the road so often, the Fredrix stretch-it-yourself canvas allows me to work on large paintings from anywhere and saves money on shipping costs,” says Brophy. “I was stoked to find out how easy it was to assemble and stretch. I used to dread stretching canvas, now I can do it in 15 minutes. Makes my art truly portable,” he says.

The ease of transportation, reduced shipping costs, and quick, easy assembly is what makes this kit revolutionary. Visit our Dixie Kit product page for size and our YouTube video to see how it works!