The Importance of Proper Primer Application

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The process of creating your next masterpiece begins long before you put brush to canvas. In fact, it’s what you do (or don’t do) to prepare your canvas that could determine the course your creation will take. You may have read the article Watercolor Tips & Techniques by Tom Lynch, where the painter explains how what you do before you begin painting can affect everything from how well you will be able to manipulate or make adjustments to your painting to whether the finished piece will be archival or not. These are just a few reasons why proper primer application is so important.


Sure, some artists have mastered the art of priming their own canvas, but it can still be tedious and time-consuming. And for the rest of the artists out there, the process is less about tedium and time and more about the simple inability to get it right. Fortunately, there are other options for both seasoned artists that are short on time to other artists that prefer a sure thing. The best option is to buy primed canvas—specifically high-quality primed canvas from an expert  source such as Fredrix Canvas.


The reason only high-quality primed canvas will do is quite simple—proper application of the primer to fine canvas is critical to a consistent and durable painting surface. Fredrix canvas is woven and coated to custom specifications using the highest quality raw materials available. It is not bleached and no harmful chemicals have been added. In addition, Fredrix is primed in the U.S. under strict supervision and precise quality standards and its acrylic gesso is formulated using 100% virgin acrylics, unlike many competitors who use vinyl acrylic and poor quality fillers.


Fredrix’s proprietary coating process melds the fabric and the premium gesso into one cohesive surface. One look and you can actually see how the coating penetrates through the bottom layer of the canvas. With other brands, the coating just “sits” on the top layer and does not penetrate through the canvas. When this happens, there is a greater chance of the prime peeling away from the surface, with your artwork being destroyed in the process. Not with Fredrix canvas. Fredrix’s primed canvas has an impressive 40% more primer than other brands, and because it penetrates through the canvas, the prime will never peel away and your painting will withstand the test of time.


Trust a process that gets it right every time. Choose Fredrix Canvas.


About Fredrix Canvas: Fredrix Canvas scours the globe for the finest materials available to make canvas. Every canvas is primed in America with impeccable craftsmanship. Fredrix proudly manufactures over three dozen styles of roll canvas, in over 175 different sizes, ensuring the perfect surface for every artist, project, and occasion. Shop for Fredrix Canvas today!