How to Choose a Canvas

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Linen vs Cotton

Linen should be selected when the artist:

1. Desires the highest archival quality and high perceived value.
2. Can afford the expense of linen.
3. Needs artwork to have the added perceived value of linen.

Raw vs Pre-Primed

Raw Canvas is selected when the artist:

1. Needs total control of stretching and priming
2. Has the time, technical ability and expertise to stretch and personally prime the canvas correctly.

Quality Canvas


Size of Painting

The larger the size of the painting the heavier the weight of canvas needed.

10 oz. and 12 oz. cotton is recommended for canvas sizes 48” and larger. • 10 oz. linen is recommended for canvas sizes 48” and larger.

Oil paint may be painted on any canvas primed with oil ground, or acrylic ground.

Acrylic paint may only be painted on a canvas primed with acrylic ground (or acrylic gesso).

Oil and acrylic paint may be painted on both linen and cotton canvases.

Art Technique

Each artist decides which canvas best suits his or her needs. Generally, an extra smooth surface is good for detailed portraiture and a rougher texture is good for a bold impasto technique.

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