Why Your Masterpiece Will Withstand the Test of Time

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What does Fredrix have to do with quality canvas and preserving masterpieces? Plenty! For nearly 150 years, Fredrix Canvas has been in the business of creating fine canvas that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time. Over the years the company has evolved into an even greater force in the global art world and a noted contributor to the American economy. And it all started with a pioneer named E.H. Friedrich.


Fredrix Canvas From Yesterday to Today


Fredrix® was founded in 1868 by E. H. Friedrich. Although, he spent much of his time on trains and coaches drumming up business, he was much more than a salesman. He was a businessman, a chemist, an inventor and an innovator. More importantly, Friedrich became the first person in the U.S. to manufacture artist canvas for the trade.


While the art of manufacturing artist canvas has changed since the 1800’s, the product Fredrix makes today is still very similar to the canvas the company made over 140 years ago. In fact, Fredrix still primes its finest canvas the old fashioned way—picked, pumiced and primed by hand with oil based ground. Although one thing may have changed (the name of the company changed from Friedrichs to Fredrix), this historic firm never changed its mission—to create the finest quality canvas for the discerning artist.


Today, Fredrix coats more than 10 million square yards of canvas annually and it’s all done right here in the U.S.A. Fredrix also added an archival seal of quality. Only Fredrix® Artist Canvas displays this seal of quality, which guarantees a finished painting that will withstand the test of time. What does all of this mean for the artist? The masterpiece they paint today will be a masterpiece for generations to come.

Fredrix Canvas Products and Innovations


Whether the artist’s choice is a machine primed canvas with universal acrylic gesso or a hand primed canvas with natural glue sizing and oil based ground, artists can trust Fredrix® to provide them with the highest quality products in the widest possible variety available and at the most affordable prices. Only Fredrix® offers the greatest artist canvas values, whether it is the artists first painting or his highest commissioned artwork to date.


Fredrix® innovations such as acid free canvas, synthetic fiber canvas, synthetic/natural blended canvas, tongue & groove stretcher strips, gallery style pre-stretched canvas and the company’s newest innovation, Fredrix® Print Canvas (the canvas you can print on) are all the result of Fredrix’s efforts to help individual artists fulfill their unique artistic expressions.


Take a look at other popular Fredrix products and innovations:

Raw Canvas

Fredrix® shops all over the world to find the finest artist grade cottons, linens and blends, which are all woven to Fredrix’s rigid specifications.


All Fredrix coatings are specially formulated to complement and enhance the unique inherent characteristics of the natural fibers. This also protects the canvas fibers against acidic deterioration with a buffered neutral PH sizing. Most Fredrix canvases are machine primed using state-of-the-art industrial equipment, but the company still primes many canvases the old-fashioned way—by hand!


Stretcher Bars
All pre-stretched Fredrix canvases are mounted on stretcher bars made from kiln dried SPF grade lumber and feature the unique Fredrix® interlocking tongue and groove design, first developed by founder E.H. Friedrich in 1875.


Archival Quality
Your creative efforts deserve the very best. Only Fredrix® Artist Canvas can display an Archival Seal which, you now know, is a guarantee that the masterpiece you paint today will be a masterpiece for generations to come.


To ensure the best overall painting performance and long term archival quality, choose the only canvas that has stood the test of time. Fredrix Artist Canvas, since 1868, over 140 years!