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FREDRIX Mixed Media Boards can be found:  Art Supplies Wholesale BLICK Art Online Mister Art  Jerry’s Artarama of West Hartford, CT & Knoxville, TN

Fredrix Cares

We Care – From Artists To The Environment To Our Staff We Care About Artists Fredrix donates to artists, artists organizations, charities and schools around the U.S. to support programs

Create & Hang – Inkjet Canvas

Fredrix Inkjet Canvas  is available in the U.S. at: Binders art stores and online at Hyatt’s art stores and online at Texas Art Supply stores and online at

How To Stretch Your Own Canvas

This post reviews the basics of stretching your canvas.  For a more detailed review, see our partners at Art Prof, who have a great video including a lot of details

Create & Hang Product Line

What’s New at Fredrix!

FREDRIX Marker pads and rolls can be found at: Texas Art Please check back for more store listings.   FREDRIX Mixed Media Boards can be found:  Art Supplies Wholesale BLICK

Fredrix Canvas Selection Guide

Fredrix Launches BACE – Big Ass Canvas Easel

Our latest innovation is our Fredrix BACE* easel (*Big Ass Canvas Easel).  We know displaying a large canvas is a challenge, let alone several, so we introduce the Fredrix BACE. 


Save paint/money/time and improve color perception vs. un-toned white and eliminate the need to pre-tone your canvas with our new pre-toned Fredrix Can-Tone Canvas. Available in canvas pads and panels

Choosing the Right Canvas for your Work : Cotton Canvas

To an artist, a blank canvas presents a world of possibilities, but before your canvas gets perched up on your easel, you need to decide just what kind of canvas