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Jimmy Ovadia

Jimmy Ovadia’s art leads us on a transformative psychedelic odyssey full of unique and creative dreamlike portholes. It takes the mind through twists and turns perceived through levels of consciousness and mysticism. Born Aries, April 17 in San Diego, California, Jimmy knew at a young age that the path he was traveling on would lead to divine manifestations. Through his adolescence he began to illuminate his core within. By breaking free from the cultural and religious restrictions his upbringing brought him, he was able to unveil infinite realms and dimensions of his mind. Jimmy’s inspiration comes from unfeigned life experiences. With the birth of his first son along came the birth of an utopian, a true visionary.His world began to take full cosmic unity. Even though the battles and struggles life throws his way he is still able to persevere and propagate unprecedented work. Jimmy’s quest is toward an abstract surrealistic art that visually unites the body, mind, soul and spirit. It elucidates and enlightens the individual and the world around them.

My Paintings