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ARTIST MIXED MEDIA Archival Canvas Boards

FREDRIX MIXED MEDIA Archival Canvas Boards, 7.7oz primed / 6oz raw 100% Cotton, USA PRIMED.


FREDRIX MIXED MEDIA Archival Canvas Board is a 100% Cotton artist canvas which combines the texture of a natural, woven fabric with a specially formulated gesso designed for all water-based paints. It will not tear like paper and you can lightly lift out pigment or completely wash out your painting surface without damaging the canvas surface.

We have double-primed our ARTIST SERIES MIXED MEDIA canvas just north of Atlanta, Georgia, with an acid-free absorbent grounds based titanium gesso for professional results.


A versatile option for watercolors, watercolor sticks, acrylics, inks, paint markers, permanent markers and spray paints.


Part # Size Case Qty UPC
3481 ย 8X10 MIXED MEDIA ARCHIVAL PNL 12 EA 081702034814
3482 ย 9X12 MIXED MEDIA ARCHIVAL PNL 12 EA 081702034821
3483 12X16 MIXED MEDIA ARCHIVAL PNL 12 EA 081702034838

In the United States:

Art Supply Wholesale

Blick Art Materials

Jerry’s Artarama

Mister Art

Rex Art (by the case)

Texas Art Supply



ArtHouse Direct (Australia)

Apollon Gotrick (Canada)

Russell & Chapple (UK)


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