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Belgian Linen

PRO SERIES BELGIAN LINEN, 10oz Oil Primed Canvas

FREDRIX BELGIAN LINEN, 10oz primed / 5.5oz raw, Oil Primed Canvas. Available in traditional 3/4″ profile.


Our oil primed Linen uses only the highest quality certified Belgian linen, our #908, which is 10oz primed / 5.5oz raw. The PRO Series Oil Primed Linen is our finest hand-primed, pre-stretched Belgian linen canvas designed to pair flawlessly with oil paint.

Our master-quality, hand-primed linens start with the finest, 5.5 oz. pure Belgian linen. It is then picked, pumiced, sized and primed all by hand by our master primers just north of Atlanta GA. We use an acid-free titanium alkyd oil priming to a finished weight of 11 oz. Our 152 years of experience stands behind this archival canvas. Painting on our PRO Oil Primed Linen canvas with oil is like putting warm butter on hot bread.

This FREDRIX canvas is stretched on kiln-dried stretcher bars, sourced from regional sustainable forests. PRO SERIES features heavier bars with extra bracing for added support.


This Oil Primed Linen canvas is designed exclusively for oil paints, water soluble oils, permanent markers and alkyds.


Part # Size Case Qty UPC
49800 08X10 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498005
49801 11X14 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498012
49802 12X16 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498029
49803 16X20 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498036
49804 18X24 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498043
49805 24X30 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498050
49806 24X36 PRO HP OIL LINEN 7/8″ 5 EA 081702498067


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