Fredrix Artist Canvas

Linen Rolls - Oil Primed

PRO SERIES OIL PRIMED 908 PARIS – Hand Primed, 56″ wide

FREDRIX OIL PRIMED 908 PARIS – Hand Primed in the USA, 56″ Wide.


An oil painter’s favorite. We present a lead free, high-end, smooth texture, light weight 100% Belgian linen canvas. Unprimed weight 5.5oz, 56″ Wide.

Our PRO SERIES oil primed canvas is picked, pumiced, sized and primed all by hand by our master primers just north of Atlanta, Georgia.


This PRO SERIES Oil Primed Linen canvas is designed exclusively for oil paints, water soluble oils, permanent markers and alkyds.


Part # Size Case Qty UPC
1004 908 HP 56″ PRO OIL LINEN 6YD 6 EA 081702010047
10041 908 HP 56″ PRO OIL LINEN 3YD 1 EA 081702100410