Fredrix Artist Canvas

Wyland Series


WYLAND MURAL CANVAS, USA Primed, Large 10’x5′ and Small 5’x2’8″.

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WYLAND MURAL CANVAS is a 100% Polyflax (polyester based) primed artist canvas mural ready to paint and hang. This product, developed by a nature artist, Wyland and Fredrix, uses art to teach young people about our forests and oceans and their importance to the world as irreplaceable resources.

We have proudly primed this canvas just north of Atlanta, Georgia, with an acid-free acrylic titanium gesso.


A versatile option for oils, acrylics, water soluble oils, Inks, paint markers, permanent markers, spray paints and alkyds.


Part # Size Case Qty UPC
2589 WYLAND CANVAS MURAL 120″X 60″ 6PK 6 EA 081702025898
2590 WYLAND CANVAS MURAL 120″X 60″ 1PK 1 EA 081702025904
2596 WYLAND CANVAS MURAL 32″ X 60″ 6 EA 081702025966
25891 WYLAND BLACK MURAL 120″X 60″ 6 EA 081702258913
25961 WYLAND BLACK MURAL CAN 32″X60″ 6 EA 081702259613