Fredrix Artist Canvas

Clear Primed Canvas Rolls

ARTIST SERIES 569 NATURAL COTTON CANVAS, 8oz Primed, 30″ and 60.5″ Widths

FREDRIX 569 NATURAL COTTON CANVAS with a CLEAR Priming. 7oz raw, 8oz primed, available in 30″ and 60.5″ Widths, USA PRIMED.


Get organic with our 569 NATURAL COTTON CANVAS featuring a CLEAR acrylic priming. Let the natural tones compliment your creation. 30″ and 60.5″ Widths, 7oz raw, 8oz primed.

FREDRIX ARTIST SERIES cotton canvas is primed just north of Atlanta, Georgia, with a CLEAR acid-free acrylic gesso.


Designed for acrylics, paint markers, permanent markers and inks as well as embroidery and vinyl lettering.


Part # Size Case Qty UPC
10741 569 30″ 3YD FDX ROLL CLEAR 12 EA 081702107419
10731 569 63.5″ 3YD FDX ROLL CLEAR 6 EA 081702107310