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PRO SERIES LINEN Archival Canvas Boards

FREDRIX LINEN Archival Canvas Boards, 100% Belgian Linen canvas, USA PRIMED.


FREDRIX LINEN Archival Canvas Board is a professional grade, archival painting surface with medium texture linen mounted on an acid free MDF board.

FREDRIX PRO SERIES canvas is double-primed just north of Atlanta, Georgia, with an acid-free acrylic titanium gesso for professional results. Mounted with proprietary acid-free adhesive, ensuring they will stand the test of time.


A versatile option for oils, acrylics, water soluble oils, enamels, paint markers, permanent markers, spray paints and alkyds.


Part # Size Case Qty UPC
3424  8X10 FDX ARCHIVAL LINEN PN 12 EA 081702034241
3426  9X12 FDX ARCHIVAL LINEN PN 12 EA 081702034265
3428 11X14 FDX ARCHIVAL LINEN PN 12 EA 081702034289
3430 12X16 FDX ARCHIVAL LINEN PN 12 EA 081702034302
3432 16X20 FDX ARCHIVAL LINEN PN 12 EA 081702034326
3434 18X24 FDX ARCHIVAL LINEN PN 12 EA 081702034340


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